Modesto Pallet Racks

Do you need quality pallet racking? You can find it at Modesto Pallet Racks. We are manufacturing distributors of Pacific Bend Inc storage racks. Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly sales persons. Let a Modesto Pallet Racks rack engineer review your needs and provide you with the best pricing in Modesto and surrounding areas.

Need more warehouse storage space?: Consider consolidation with a new pallet rack design.

The cost of moving or renting additional warehouse space is an expensive proposition. Before you get locked into spending money this way, you may wish to consider letting a professional warehouse designer evaluate your need. While most of us have a method for organizing that suits us well. The task of managing warehouse storage space on a daily basis can be excessive. If you have ever managed a warehouse, you know that storage space never stays idle. Especially during the busy season. All companies will at one time or another find themselves needed additional storage space.

How to reclaim lost warehouse storage space.

For most warehouse managers, a storage crunch means looking for ways to consolidate or suffer with having to manage this issue on a regular basis. However, there are ways that lost space can be reclaimed, here are a couple of ways to increase storage space:

  1. Make use of vertical space. Consider using the full height of the warehouse that is usable and available. In most warehouses, ceiling height can range from 26-33 feet. If you are not using some of this vertical space, then consider using new racks to increase warehouse storage space. In using more of the available vertical space, also remember that you have to consider sprinklers, high-pile permits, and commodity classifications.
  2. Consolidate. Managing warehouse storage space can become a puzzle. If you are in this situation, consulting with a professional can help you look at options that you may not have already considered. Consolidation options can range from a basic reconfiguration of the warehouse to additional pallet racking, mezzanines or the like.

Modesto Pallet Racks is RMI certified.

Our racking is stronger and more durable than imports. Using heavy gauge steel ensures that they will hold more weight. The applied powder coating protects them from scratching. They are available in green and orange plus a wide variety of colors. These pallet racks have been load tested and are RMI approved. The RMI certification assures customers that Modesto Pallet Racks will stand up to the environment and the elements.

This brand of racking is all made from 100% US steel. This teardrop racking fits most major brands so it can be easily incorporated with any existing rack that you may already have.

For a vast selection of pallet racking systems, contact Modesto Pallet Racks and speak with a sales consultant about your warehouse pallet racking needs. (888) 277-9817